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1.  How do you enroll a customer? *Step-by-step instructions  pays 20% commission. Coaching call fully explains

2. What do you say? *Client Script  *One Call Close Recorded Webinar 

3.  Easy Integration  a)  Link Mortgage Readiness Program in your email signature to your affiliate site. b) Send a simple pre-written email to your sub-par credit borrower: “Although you don’t qualify right now, I can help you qualify after you have been through our mortgage readiness program“.   c) Enroll your borrower over the phone. Turn the  “No, sorry but you don’t qualify” bad news call into  “Yes, but not now” good news call!

4. How do you recruit others? *Recruit Affiliates pg 1  *Recruit Affiliates page 2

5. How do you get paid? *Compensation Plan  You are paid 20% on the 15th of the month, for previous month’s sales. You are paid when your client pays, plus overrides of 10% and 5% on your team. *Commissions are paid after a one-time affiliate fee of $149 has been met.

6. Custom made automated Blog Expert Mortgage/Real Estate/Credit Content updated daily and pushed out to your networks. Attract more leads and create a professional expert image. Nothing for you to do except make more friends and build your networks. Learn more here. Watch the webinar

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