Do you know someone like Marquetta?

Marquetta was very discouraged after her divorce and felt that she would never own a home again. She shared a very small apartment in a place she did not feel was safe for her children. She tried to clean up her credit 3 times before. She had given up until her builder insisted she call us. This is a video of Marquetta in her new home.

Do you use testimonials in your marketing? It is fun and easy, go and interview your clients. They can say it so much better than you can. You can re-post video:

How many people like Marquetta have you talked to so far this year? Rough guess. Then think what your income would look like if all of those had been closings. Put your best guess below please?


3 thoughts on “Do you know someone like Marquetta?

  1. Trent Adams

    Edie,you did good with the new affiliate site.Good information on everything we need to get started with the business.All i can say is ” YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME “

  2. Trent Adams

    This reminds us that their are millons of others just like Marquetta with all different problems that need help,one big problem some have already tried credit repair and failed and now they think no credit repair company works.Testimonials will be one of the best marketing methods it seems


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