Why should you use Clean Slate Credit Services?

Here is a comparison between our business model and Lexington Law’s. It is a totally different business model, we make money when the customer achieves a 640 or better quickly and returned to you.(within 3 to 4 mos)

They make money if the customer sticks around a long time, making monthly payments on average 18 months.

Would you like a super smart blog like this?  Done for you? Updated “auto-majicley”  with new content and videos about credit by us all the time? Personalized for you? Videos like this uploaded and pushed out to your social networks?

Here is your chance to get a Done For You Blog for our affiliates.  We are holding a webinar next Wed the 7th for our Hump-Day Coaching Call to show you how it works.

Before Wed, check into it:   Automated Blog.

Enter your name and email,and take a look around. We will go into detail on Wed. Look for the email registration page.


One thought on “Why should you use Clean Slate Credit Services?

  1. Trent Adams

    I’m sure Jason is smiling wide right now, I agree that most companies don’t have customers interest if they take a long time to get credit fixed [ if ] they ever get it fixed


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