Why You are Significant

Donte, Unique, Sidney

We were out riding horses (my 2 in the picture) this week and the young lady I was with had graduated TCU and anxious for her future. More than anything else she wanted to have a career that mattered, that was significant, that was important.

Don’t we all? I mean yes, we want to make a lot of money, but we also want to matter. To really change people’s lives. Doctor’s get all the glory here, but what about the rest of us? Few of us are out curing cancer, is what we are dong every day all that important to anyone? Really?

My only wisdom I could give her was that if she left someone better than she found them, if she touched their life and improved their situation, then what she did was very important. No matter what road she settled on.

Credit Repair may get a dirty name, but not to the individual who is getting a clean slate. Remember that, enrolling someone into credit repair may seem like a waste of your time and you may not be all that fired up about doing it, but to the person you are helping it means everything.

You are offering them a chance to get off the bottom rung of the ladder, a chance to start over, a chance to own their home or drive a car they can be proud of. It is a very big deal. If not to you, to your customer.  Your job may not be curing cancer, but you are changing people’s lives just because they met you. Enjoy being a blessing, you are very significant.



One thought on “Why You are Significant

  1. twadams

    That is a good way to look at things [ making life better for someone else ] and all that you do Edie always emailing everyone about how to better your business,better yourself,health so i’m sure your having an effect on people and you have no idea the impact your putting on people.I sure learned a lot just by listening to your videos and some coaching calls and it shows the passion you have.So your doing more than you think


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