Phone Sales or Walmart Greeter?….


Do you ever stop and have a mini meltdown during your workday and wonder if Walmart is a viable option?  Not to insult a Walmart greeter, but some days I just want to hand someone a cart and smile at them. That’s it. Easy.

After an entire day of testing a new lead source provider, which meant me calling the leads, I was very frustrated with no answers, wrong numbers, and just a few crazy people.  I nearly quit and was about to call it Happy Hour a few hours early.

The call that about did me in went like this:

“ Mr. _____?”  I asked.

“No, this ain’t him”

“Oh, I am sorry, this is the number I have for Mr. Smith-“   But he cut me off before I could finish.

“ I told you this ain’t him” And he hung up. And he had requested a call back!

Okaaaaay… I took myself for a little walk around the pool… and let’s try again:

The next caller had a very different story. This gentleman was married; he loved his wife. But she got very ill over a 5 year period and died. This left him heartbroken and financially broken.

Insurance eventually gave out and he was left with overwhelming bills. He sold his home and all his furnishings to continue to pay the medical bills.

After she died, he had to start over from nothing. I could not imagine having to go through this.

Years passed. He eventually remarried, and was able to continue his successful business, but his credit problems prevented him from ever purchasing a home with his new bride.

This is who my next call was.  God knows what we need when we need it.I was so happy to tell him about Clean Slate Credit Services.  So happy to tell him that I could help him finally close that chapter of his life and help him move forward with the rest of his life. And he was so happy to hear it.

We all want to do something that matters. Owning a credit repair company does that.We truly get to be an important part of the healing process. A fresh start, a clean slate.

I am so grateful to able to help people in this way that I will never look at calling leads the same way again.

Somewhere in this list of names and numbers,  someone truly needs my help. I just have to call them….


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