Coaching Calls


Every Wednesday at NOON central, 1 pm East, 10 am Pac.                        1 (209) 647-1600 code 440491

Below are the links to previous Coaching Calls in case you missed them.


LEAD SOURCES and What to send them 

What every new customer should expect: What happens when first getting started, the middle and the end

How to CLOSE cold leads over the phone

How to enroll a customer, what to say, what to ask, and how to close

New Year’s Resolutions: Get More Organized in Your Business

How the Clean Slate Credit program works to make you money

How to enroll a customer and earn a paycheck doing it

How to build a team and make a ton of money doing it

CBS Investigates the Credit Bureaus

Building a Referral Network and make a 6 figure income doing it

Tips to Analyze and Quickly Improve Credit

Great Ideas for Building Your Business, Marketing, and Getting Referrals

For REALTORS ONLY: Secret Backdoor Strategy for Getting Deals!


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